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Halloween Cupcakes

WAAAAYYY late on this. These cupcakes are more about decoration than taste. They can be homemade like I did or from a box. Either way is fine.

These were so fun to make, but man did they take me forever. Then again I make about 100 of them.

Halloween has always been such a fun holiday for my family. My dad decorates the outside of his house on Halloween day and it takes nearly the whole day and crew of people. We get way into it with a graveyard, a real skeleton, 2 fog machines, 2 CDs playing (1 creepy organ music, 1 scary noises) that you can hear down the street, etc.

Naturally, with all of that, Halloween themed treats have always been near and dear to me.

The skeletons were the favorite of the group. I saw them on the cover of Woman’s Day Special: Halloween and HAD to make them.

  • What you need:
  • Cupcakes baked and frosted with white ¬†butter cream
  • Large Marsh mellows
  • 4″ Lollipop sticks
  • 2 bags of yogurt or white chocolate covered pretzels
  • Butter cream frosting with spare confection sugar
  • Black food die and a toothpick OR a black food coloring pen

Squish the marsh mellow with the palm of your hand. Draw your spooky faces and lightly twist on the lollipop stick. Don’t push the marsh mellow all the way through just yet. You will need a little space for now.

Add extra confection sugar to your remaining frosting to make it thick enough to make 1/4-1/2 ” frosting balls to support the pretzels that will become the ribs of your skeletons.

Place 1 pretzel with the small loop of it on the lollipop stick. Place a frosting ball underneath that then another pretzel. Repeat. Place your skeleton on the cupcake and lightly adjust so its sits right.

The arms were very tricky for me so not all of my skeletons had them. (Poor lil’ fellows). Use a serrated knife to carefully cut pretzels in half. With a dab of frosting gently place the arms on the top of the rib cage. Repeat with the rest of the skeletons – or until you lose your patients like I did.

I’ll briefly go over the other cupcakes.

Gravestone Cupcakes:

  • What you will need:
  • Cupcakes frosted with Green ¬†butter cream
  • 1 package of Nutter butters or 2 packages of Milanos
  • 1 small tube of black gel or frosting
  • 1 package of Pumpkin shaped candy corn

Write RIP on the cookies and gently push into cupcakes and rest a pumpkin by the gravestone. The cookies may need to be cut slightly to a point to avoid them from rising from the cake.


  • What you will need:
  • Tiny cupcakes frosted with white butter cream
  • Red frosting placed in a sandwich size baggie and a small hole cut out
  • M&M’s
  • Black gel or frosting

Draw “veins” going outward from the center. Place M&M over the center and dot with black frosting/gel.

Pile of Bones:

  • What you will need:
  • Tiny cupcakes frosted with green butter cream frosting
  • Chocolate cookie or cake crumbles
  • Bone sprinkles from Wilton.com

Sprinkle crumbles over frosting and top with sprinkles.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!