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What shall I do with my left over Candy Corn?

I love to buy holiday candy to keep around my apartment. The problem is no one really eats it. We have a little the first day or so then don’t touch it again.

So instead of throwing out perfectly good candy corn I figured I’d find a new way to use it.

Why not melt it down and make a tasty frosting?

Let me tell you, this is DELICIOUS.

  • Ingredients:
  • Left over candy corn
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2cups confection sugar

Start by melting down about 1/2 a bag of candy corn (from my candy jar is was about 4 good handfuls) with a cup of milk in a medium sauce pan. Stir frequently to try to breakdown the pieces of candy. I’m positive you will have little chunks in there no matter what.

Once candy corn is mostly/completely dissolved transfer into a mixing bowl. Allow to cool to room temperature. Use a hand mixer to beat in the butter, vanilla and confection sugar.

Ta-DA! Candy corn buttercream


Cheesy Bean-less Chili Dip

This is one of my favorite snacks! Being from Florida I love mexican food, but it is difficult to find a good mexican restaurant in New York, let alone one with any kind of queso dip. This is quick, easy and great for any get together.

  • 1/2 pound of ground beef
  • 2 teaspoons of chili powder
  • 1 jar of salsa con queso
  • 1 can of bean-less chili (you can use the kind with beans if you want)
  • 10″ round Corn or Flour tortillas
  • 2 cups of vegetable oil
  • 3 teaspoons of kosher salt

Season and brown ground beef. Drain meat, then set aside.

Cut Tortillas into triangles. I am using both corn and flour tortillas. FYI: Corn tortillas has more of a crunch and Flour has a light crunch but is flaky on the inside.

In a food processor blend together the salsa con queso and chili. If you have a smaller food processor you may need to do this 2-3 times.

Pour vegetable oil into large skillet allow that to heat up on medium high heat for at least 5 minutes. Line a large bowl with paper towels.

Meanwhile, mix together chili cheese blend and browned ground beef in a medium sauce pan over medium heat, stir together and cover. Once you hear it bubbling, reduce to lowest heat setting to help keep this warm while you are making the chips.

Drop about 8-10 tortilla triangles into the hot vegetable oil. After about 30 seconds flip one over -with long handled tongs- to check it. Once they become slightly golden flip over to cook the other side.

Then take out and place in paper towel line bowl. Immediately sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Repeat until you have all the chips you need.

About 8 tortillas was enough for the two of us.

Once you have made all of your chips gently remove paper towel and give the chips a good shake or stir in the bowl. Pour cheese mix into bowl (allow to cool for a couple of minutes). Yumm!


Yeah, you can read this in my “about me” section but I’m going to repeat it here with some extras. I am a (hair) colorist working at Arrojo in Manhattan. I live in Brooklyn when I am home I love to cook and bake. I am very basic in my kitchen skills however I am excited that this will help me to be more creative and experimental.

This is now about quadruple the size.

I live with my boyfriend who grew this fantastic garden with our love of the kitchen in mind. We have eggplant, LOTS of cucumbers, and a variety of tomatoes and peppers as well as a tiny herb garden of basil and rosemary. This is our first garden and we are learning so much from it – such as one cucumber plant is more than two people –  and we have two. I’m really looking forward to what we have planned for next year’s garden. MORE VEGGIES!

See what I mean about A LOT of cucumbers?!

This is it for now. I am going to go work on my page some more before posting about the dinner I made the other night.